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Brand Update

ODC Glass Brand Update

We created the Original Door Company branding when the business started in 2007. Since then the company has grown and evolved into a successful manufacturer and supplier of high-end glazing solutions. As doors were not the primary product offering, the decision was made to abbreviate the business from The Original Door Company to ODC. The second iteration used subtle shades of blue and grey, we know felt that a bolder brand colour palette was required. The re-brand would also enable a change in the strapline to make the ODC offering clearer.

The new strapline emphasises the company’s ethos of bespoke solutions for every project: ‘Clarity in Design’. The final design retained the core logo used for the last 7 years. The ‘3 door panel’ design and existing colours were kept so customers knew it was still the same business, by adding the dark blue surround it strengthened the logo, gave use a bigger colour palette and improved visability of the identity when used in conjunction with project photography or on light backgrounds.


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